Panty Meltdown Aftermath – A Blues Punk Combo

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Chris & Pat doing the whole job in this two-piece-blues-punk-band! They are welldressed and enjoy the primitive structure of songs with a glass full of Whisky on stage to flavour their boutique sound.

Chris is running three things at the same time, while Pat is hammering on his bass, still busy with smoking and drinking. It’s a great show to see and an even better story to tell!




Bikini Girl - Panty Meltdown Aftermath EP






03 Nov Lauschbar / Itzehoe
09 Sep Teichschocken / Norstedt
31 Aug Kulturwoche / Flensburg
05 Aug Pogue Mahone / Kiel
08 Jul Dampfrundum Bluesstage
03 Jun Rock op’e Hütt / Kropp
14 Jan Kaffeehaus Flensburg


12 Nov Musikerstammtisch 5 Jahresfeier Kühlhaus
24 Sep Opa-Air
27 Aug Ulffest / Bokel
26 Aug Rendsburger Kultur Fabrik
21 Mai Nøffelskov Festival / DK
30 Apr Südermarkt Flensburg
23 Apr Juke Joint Joldelund


19 Dez   Weinachtskonzert B20E4 Flensburg
05 Dez   Jugendtreff Itzehoe
18 Nov   Kieler Schaubude
14 Nov   Flenssound Festival / Kühlhaus
31 Okt   FKKZ Schleswig
18 Sep   Upcoming Band Night Vol.IV / Sonderburg DK
27 Jun   Henriette Adelphi
19 Jun   New Stars Contest / Volksbad
18 Apr   Rendsburg Open Air
10 Apr   FlensPunk Festival / Hafermarkt
28 Feb   Plunschli
20 Dec Henriette Adelphi


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